Who are we?

Gaikhorst Makelaars & Taxateurs o.g. is a creative company, uniquely renowned for its integrity and enthusiasm, alongside its extensive knowledge and experience in the specific Amsterdam property market. Our team consists of 5 permanent members and, depending on the needs of our clients, a list of associated professionals including well-known financial consultants, accountants, lawyers and tax experts. As a member of the NVM, the Dutch Association of Real Estate Brokers and Experts, we are specialists and complete advisers in property matters. Due to this membership we can guarantee a constant level of quality. More information (in english) about the NVM is available at our office.


The search

When buying property on the hectic Amsterdam property market, it is essential to make fast and efficient decisions. With Gaikhorst Makelaars & Taxateurs o.g., you will be guided by a specialist with a natural instinct for the property market and empathy to your situation. We believe that purchasing a house is very personal, made-to-measure work and therefore strive to tune our services to the individual buyer. We apply the concept: we advise, but you decide! Together, we work hard to get to know you, and to visualise the ideas that you have for your dream home, making detailed inventory notes. As we get further acquainted, and your confidence in Gaikhorst Makelaars & Taxateurs o.g. grows, you may decide to hand over the search to us. Then, the path to your new house is open. In practice you will experience that our advice pays for itself!

Making a house profile

Once the above inventory has been completed, we look to see if your combination of requirements is applicable to the current market or if the search needs to be adjusted. We will also keep you informed on matters concerning ground leases, the difference between housing cooperatives and individual apartments (lidmaatschapsrecht and appartementsrecht), the VVE and other relevant matters. To aid our selection, we consult all of the relevant digital property databases and exchange information with colleagues within the desired region, daily. If you decide to let us continue to search for you, we will regularly update you with properties on the market that are applicable to your given criteria. You can decide whether you wish to receive this information by post, fax, phone or E-mail. But remember, teamwork is the key and a successful search can only be achieved through active cooperation.


If you are interested in one of our selections, we can arrange a viewing and then steer you through the options. After visiting the property, we will provide you with a valued judgement, taking into account size, age, maintenance, quality and location, amongst other things. A survey is a combination of valuation methods, knowledge of the industry and experience within the specific property market. Based on this survey an offer can be made.

Adjustment of search profile/evaluation

After viewing several properties, your search profile may need to be altered; adding, for example, another area of Amsterdam or changing the price category. This is possible at any time. Occasionally, we may initiate an evaluation discussion to fine tune your search criteria and encourage a high level of communication. Once you have found a property that seems to satisfy your wishes, it will be investigated to see if it is desirable and/or necessary for us to perform one or several of a number of surveys such as:

  • making a structural report
  • making a survey of foundations
  • making an asbestos survey
  • oil tank removal
  • soil testing

A legal search will be made in respect of:

  • Entry in the land registry
  • Zoning
  • Ground leases

We will negotiate with the selling party, on your behalf.
We can also perform a structural survey on the state of maintenance, assessing the costs to be expected in the short term and, where necessary, give an estimate of any eminent long-term maintenance costs.

Our staff will be here to guide you through each step, through compiling the title deed, to finding the right financing right up to the eventual sale.


Are you planning to sell your house or property? Then you’ve come to the right address!
When selling, it is vitally important to follow the correct sales strategy, to maintain a realistic asking price and to be in the right (e-)sales brochures to guarantee the best possible price. Clearly, you wish to realise as high a price as possible whilst satisfying all legal requirements, and so we endeavour to advise you according to the law: the obligation is for the seller to provide all relevant information. Our expertise can be employed not only to perform accurate searches but for many other tasks, such as compiling effective advertisements and investigating deeds. We guarantee excellent counselling and a professional approach. Each client profile is individually designed according to their requirements, and in close negotiation with you we can determine completion dates, removal services and planned viewing times. We can handle all matters for you, right up to completion at the public notary’s office, constantly ensuring that the sale of your property takes place in the best possible manner.


If you expect to be working in the Netherlands for several years, we’ll be happy to help you find a new rental home in the Amsterdam region. With our experience we can offer you detailed advice on the various neighbourhoods in Amsterdam, the locations of international schools, sports clubs and many other matters that might be of importance to you. We have expertise in both the rental and sales markets. We are most active in the center of Amsterdam and the neighborhoods surrounding the center of the city; Helmersbuurt, Oud Zuid, de Pijp, Rivierenbuurt  and Amsterdam Zuid in general.

What we can offer you:

  • Advice and support  if you are looking to rent, let, buy or sell a house or apartment
  • If you are purchasing a home, advice on choosing a notary, mortgage adviser, and other specialists
  • Information about schools, sports clubs, shops, cultural organisations, etc.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us in order to make an apointment. We’ll be more than happy to point out to you what we have to offer to ease the transition to life in Amsterdam!